Freaky summer party 2016 (FSP 2016)

At the festival, I became part of the team Belinsta bloggers who were partners of the company Samsung. For shooting we used different phones A Galaxy. For example I had the Galaxy A7 (2016). It is difficult to name the camera of this phone is suitable for the serious reportage work. Especially when you usually shoot on Nikon SLR cameras as the D700 and D750 with the top lens. Perhaps, in terms of speed cameras, a top of the range Galaxy S to be faster and better. I do not know, because I never used them, and in my life I use the old Iphone 5s. However, the final result has pleasantly surprised me. I did not expect to get enough nice color and quality photos. I think that is almost always more important what you are able to see, and not on what camera you shoot.