Brian and Nancy, Wedding in Copenhagen, Denmark

It was real pleasure to spent time in Copenhagen with these couple and their guests. It seems to me that for this 2 days I became a part of these big family. 


The first day I remembered our first meeting in real life, discussing plans for the upcoming 2 days, rainy weather, but good mood. Then there was an unforgettable kayaking on the canals of Copenhagen in amazing red suits. We were lucky with the weather. As soon as we finished kayaking, it started to rain. The evening continued in a very cozy Argentine restaurant. It was a welcoming dinner in the closest circle of close people who had traveled a long way from the US and other countries to get to the wedding of Brian and Nancy.


The second day began with the preparation at the hotel. Then there was the road to a very, very old church of  Højerup at Stevens Klint on the shores of the Baltic Sea with a great history, in which the official registration took place. It was impossible not to use such beautiful views, and not to make a couple of pictures on the shores of the Baltic Sea. After that, the evening continued with a cozy dinner at the Nimb Bar, which is located in Tivoli Gardens.


For all the days spent with these people, I never ceased to admire their relationship. It's so beautiful and sensual! I will not say that I photographed super-masterpieces, but it seems to me that I was able to convey this mood, the emotions, feelings, smiles, emotions that were these days. This is real and very valuable to me. I am very happy that I was lucky enough to photograph such people in Copenhagen, Denmark!