I am very glad that sometimes I have the opportunity to work (relax) at such international weddings. This time it was a Norwegian-Mexican wedding that took place near the town of Larvik (south of Norway) somewhere in the middle of golf courses. I spent 3 days with very close friends and families of the couple.


Here you can see photos from the main wedding day (out of three) when the wedding ceremony took place. The beginning of the day was terrifying: it was raining and there was a strong wind, probably this is normal weather for Norway). I remember how we checked the hourly weather forecast and postponed the ceremony an hour later, because then the weather had to improve. And a miracle, the rain stopped going before the ceremony, and right at the end of it we saw the sun. It seems to me that I also remember this wedding by the fact that I went to rest with the last guests around 6 in the morning.


It was an amazing 3 days for me!


Small story from the welcome dinner in the Norwegian style, which took place the day before, can be seen here:



Brunch and a Mexican party the day after the wedding can be seen here: